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Hello! Welcome to the demonstration version of the Online Gitksan Dictionary. The dictionary is an initiative of the Gitksan Research Lab

Please feel free to use this dictionary for educational purposes only.

Please be aware that this should not be considered a working version of the dictionary. Search functionality is being updated and algorithms are being worked on to ensure better searching capabilities, but in the interim, full search functionality for the dictionary should not be expected. More information about this dictionary will be posted to this site soon.

We would like to thank the generous time of all of the people involved in the dictionary, and we hope to update this site soon with more information about everybody involved.

We would also like to thank artist Maaslik’i’nsxw (Ken Mowatt)'s generous donation of artwork to this project.

This project was supported by the SSHRC Insight Grant 435-2016-1694, ‘Enhancing Lexical Resources for BC First Nations Languages’.
For any questions or concerns, please contact Henry Davis